Lennart Christensen, antiquarian bookseller
Lennart Christensen, antiquarian bookseller

About us

Christensen & Co Antikvariat is a small antiquarian with many years of experience.
We are members of the Swedish Antiquarian Association - SVAF - and the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers - ILAB - and have been since 1986.
We have evolved from being a general-purpose antiquarian, into an antiquarian that caters to more specialised subject areas. The subject areas that we specialize in reflect our personal interests.
In addition to selling books, we also offer valuations of libraries, collections and rare books.
We would love to receive your 'desiderata' for appraisal. Of course, we also buy select books and collections, especially in our specialised subject areas:
Old and rare books, historical travel stories, general travel, books on Russia (including books in Russian), books on Asia, topographical books, botanical books, nautical books, books on art and architecture, history books, illustrated books, charts, prints, photographs and old detective stories.